Seedy Peanut Butter Date Oatmeal Bars

These bars, you guys. I wish I had a camera to do them justice. They’re my new favorite thing. Peanut butter? I’m there.  Dates? Fantastic! Both together? Its a food dream team I never before considered. Packed with fiber and protein they make a quick breakfast or healthy snack. Salty and sweet, they’re a definite crowd pleaser.

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Simple Farrisotto

Buckle up, kids. It’s stupid easy side dish time. Rice is nice, but it does get a little boring after awhile. Recently I’ve been reaching more for the farro. It’s got a nice nutty flavor and more of a bite to it, like brown rice but better. And better for you! Farro has about 3 grams more of protein and fiber than brown rice. Fun fact: I learned that just now. I was just eating it because it tasted good.

Oh, in case you were wondering, a “farrisotto” is just a bunch of farro cooked like a risotto. I saw the word kicking around the internet and I thought it was pretty clever. Here is my simple (a word which here means easy) take on it.

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Greek Tuna Pasta

Tuna Pasta has been a staple meal at our house for probably the past ten years. Special thanks to my good friend Erin for introducing me to the magic that is Tuna Pasta. This recipe is a variation on the original (tuna, pasta, mayo, celery, green onions), and, truth be told, I tend to throw whatever I have laying around in the fridge in a tuna pasta. Green pepper? Going in. Carrots? Why not? Last week we had some Greek salads so it just made sense to put the leftover Greek ingredients into a tried and true tuna pasta. Here we go!

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