The Best Chicken Fajitas In The World


IMG_9428.JPGI know, I know, it’s a big claim. Just sit there. Keep reading. We’ve been making chicken fajitas for years and have tried many different recipes from simple and easy, to multi-step madness.  This is the best and easiest recipe, by far. The marinated chicken comes out so flavorful and juicy, the peppers and onions come out perfectly cooked, wrap it in a tortilla and just try and tell me I’m wrong about them being the best in the world.

The Best Chicken Fajitas In The World


  • 4 limes, juiced
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 6 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 Tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 jalapeño, seeded and minced
  • handful of cilantro, rinsed and chopped
  • 1 Tbsp kosher salt
  • freshly ground pepper
  • 2 lbs chicken breast (thin sliced or pounded until uniform thickness)
  • 1 large red onion, sliced
  • 1 red bell pepper, sliced
  • 1 orange bell pepper, sliced
  • 1 yellow bell pepper, sliced
  • many, many small flour tortillas (taco sized)


  1. In a large ziplock bag, combine the first 9 ingredients to make the marinade. Seems weird to put it in a bag? It’s a nice way to marinate so that the meat gets truly covered. Also, clean up is a snap. Just do it. Mush it around a bit or, making sure it’s tightly sealed, shake it to mix the marinade. Toss the chicken in it, put your marinade bag in a bowl and set it in your fridge for about half an hour, 20 minutes if you’re impatient.
  2. Meanwhile, prep your onion and peppers. I like mine sliced a bit on the thick side for fajitas, maybe 1/4 inch slices, if you want to get specific. The trick is to slice them thick enough that they still have some bite to them when they’re done cooking but thin enough to get a bit of char on the edges. Toss these in a drizzle of olive oil and a generous amount of kosher salt and fresh black pepper.
  3. Time to get your grill going. Once it’s piping hot, grill the chickens for a few minutes on each side or until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Take ’em off and let ’em rest for at least 10 minutes. If you have a grill pan, throw the veggies on, stir fry style. If you don’t, turn your oven on broil and spread them out on a greased sheet pan (I love broiling. It’s like grilling cheat mode). These are done with they’re a tiny bit charred and cooked most of the way through. No soggy peppers, please.
  4. Once the chickens are done resting, slice into strips. Warm up your tortillas with your preferred method: in a pan on the stove top, on the grill, in the oven. Place a few strips of chicken in the tortilla, top with peppers and onions. Slide in some sour cream. Top with sriracha, if you’re on of those folks. Throw in some 3 Minute Guacamole and that’s a wrap. Or, well, a fajita.

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