Homemade English Muffins



This post is less a recipe and more of a today-I-made. Previously I had always bought my English muffins at the store because, well why wouldn’t you. When my wonderful husband requested homemade ones for egg sandwiches, I was taken aback. That’s a thing I can do? That’s a thing I can probably do!

The only thing about making your own muffins at home is the time it takes for the dough to rise. Frying them in the pan is actually fun. It was so exciting to learn how these mysterious and delicious little muffins are made!

For my first attempt, I think they turned out pretty well. Yes, they are square, thanks for noticing. The eggs were square so I made them to fit, and besides, think of all the time I saved not rolling them into little balls. I’m mostly kidding. The other thing is that they turned out a little dense. I still had air pockets, (see also: nooks and crannies) but not like the storebought variety. In the future, I would work the dough a little less, as in, as little as possible.

I meshed a couple of different recipes to come up with my own (that of course, I neglected to write down, hence today’s lack of recipe post), and here they are:

King Arthur Flour

Huffington Post from Food52

I liked the simplicity of the King Arthur recipe and the step-by-step photos from the Huff Post article AND they did the square ones. Bonus.

As a side note, I do not own a standmixer or a bread machine. Kneading/ mixing by hand did just fine for me. I also did not have any semolina, but used a finely ground cornmeal which was awesome. Maybe next time I’ll remember to take more pictures and write down what I did.

Thanks for reading!


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