The Best Chicken Fajitas In The World


IMG_9428.JPGI know, I know, it’s a big claim. Just sit there. Keep reading. We’ve been making chicken fajitas for years and have tried many different recipes from simple and easy, to multi-step madness.  This is the best and easiest recipe, by far. The marinated chicken comes out so flavorful and juicy, the peppers and onions come out perfectly cooked, wrap it in a tortilla and just try and tell me I’m wrong about them being the best in the world.

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Chicken Tacos


This recipe comes from my mother-in-law (hey Linda), who got it from her mother-in-law. Pretty cool. My husband swears that his mom made this once a week when he was growing up. We don’t make it that often, but it is one of my easy go-to weekday meals. You can make a little or a lot and it keeps well, even in the freezer.

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Chorizo Fried Rice


I love making fried rice. It’s so easy, versatile, and flavorful. We made this chorizo version last night for dinner and then ate the rest of it this morning for breakfast. I’m a firm believer that when topped with the perfect fried egg, anything can be breakfast. Or at the very least, more delicious than it was already.

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