Smoked Salmon Chowder

In my defense, chowders are notoriously difficult to photograph. An old family recipe, guaranteed to warm you up and satisfy that fish soup craving. What? You don’t get those cravings? Sure you do. Everyone does. It’s totally normal.

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Zuppa Tuscana

If you’re reading this, it means you have weathered the proverbial storm that was (is) my life and are anxiously awaiting new recipes. Believe me, I have some for you. It’s quite suddenly cold outside and, as everyone knows, that means it’s soup weather inside. Zuppa Tuscana literally means, a soup in the style of Tuscany, a place famous for its rustic and delicious simplicity. Whatever you do, don’t go to Olive Garden. Ever. Just don’t. Make the food you love at home and it will be a hundred times better. I promise.

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When it’s way too hot to cook and you inexplicably crave soup.. Gazpacho! When you need a fun to word to say while you’re busy chopping vegetables.. Gazpacho! It’s vegetarian, it’s cold, it’s soup, it’s.. Gazpacho!

It always sounds weird until you eat it, and trust me, it’s on it’s way to becoming a summer dinner staple. At least in my house, it is. Yes, my kids even eat it demolish it.

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